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Third night: The war

The invasion of Alengka


Rama Wijaya, crown prince of Ayodya, is set on invading Alengka, because its king Rahwana has abducted Rama's wife Shinta.
He is supported by an army of monkeys (right).

However there is a problem: Alengka lies overseas and the fishes protest the passing of the monkeys (below).



Crabs attack the monkeys (right).

Then Rama shoots his magic arrow at the sea, creating a dry pathway like Moses did in his time (below).



The monkeys proceed bringing rocks to wall in the new road (right).

The fishes give in and sit lining the road when the monkey army passes (below)


Kumbokarno banished


In Alengka king Rahwana has gathered his council, when Rama's emissary Hanggada arrives with the message: "Release Shinta or it is war" (right).

Rahwana is so angry that he threatens to kill the messenger, but the king's brother Kumbokarno prevents this (below).



This directs Rahwana's fury against his brother, who is banished from the court (right).

Kumbokarno takes leave of his (and Rahwana’s) sister Sarkapenaka (below).


Duels of the heroes

In the half-light it was impossible to photograph the squirmishes between Rama's monkeys and Rahwana's giants: too much movement.
After an interlude of mourning it is the turn of the heroes to fight one on one.


The blue monkey chief Hanila kills Rahwana's prime minister Prahasta (right).

Rahwana's general Indrajid is taken on by Rama's brother Leksmana (below) and dies by an arrow from the latter.



Hanuman strikes dead Rahwana's sister Sarpakenaka (right).

Kumbokarno, although disagreeing with his brother, has returned to defend his country. He easily defeats Sugriwa, the red monkey (below).



Therefore Leksmana once more steps in. In vain he tries close attack with his dagger (right),

But then Rama hands him his bow with the magic arrows and Kumbokarno is hit (below).



Thus, Kumbokarno who is Rahwana's brother, is struck down by an arrow from the bow of Rama's brother (right).

The battle is suspended. All mourn the death of the great warrior Kumbokarno, who tried to prevent the war (below).

His soul rises up and ascends the stairs to heaven.


In next and the last episode the battle is resumed and Rama faces his enemy Rahwana.

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Very colorful and convincing!

by Vic_IV

Beautiful costumes and excellent photos considering all the light and movement.

by irenevt

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